Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How old, is “too old” in dancing?
A : 167, no seriously, there is no such thing as too old to dance, anyone can dance. You only stop dancing once laid horizontally in your grave. You’re never to old to start.

Q : Why should I dance?
A : Ummm, cause! If you’re asking why, you’ll need to dance to find out. On your own is great but there is a special dynamic between two dancers and then the other couples on a dance floor. It just happens to be great exercise and a fantastic way to meet great people. It helps children strengthen their muscles and learn confidence through self expression, learn concentration, co-ordination and self discipline. Whilst dancing, students become aware of line, movement, balance, rhythm, spatial relationships and creativity.

Q : Is dancing difficult?
A : Yes, it’s an absolute miracle anyone can do it at all! No seriously, can you walk in time to music? Yes, well congratulations, you’re dancing!

Q : What if the guy or girl I’m dancing with get’s aroused while dancing?
A : You can always stop dancing and walk off the floor. Generally I’ve yet to hear of this happening, dancing is generally not about sex.

Q : Should I try more than 1 studio or teacher?
A : Yes, you won’t necessarily like every teachers style. Trying different teachers will either help you see how good your current teacher is or possibly that you don’t like the way they teach. Longterm though having more than 1 teacher can cause issues unless they are working together to train you.