Dance Basics – Social Dance Classes in Ballroom & Latin American

What you’ll learn: We’ll be running through the basic dances, progressing as quickly as the group can manage. By the end you should be able to get onto a dance floor in a social setting.

Includes: A ‘Free’ social dance at the Dance-Life Studio at the end of the course – here you will get a chance to put into practice what you have learned

Venue/Location: Dance-Life Studio

Time: Wednesday 19h30 – 20h30 (being on time is to your and the groups benefit)
Teacher: Dee Leeney (Dance-Life principal instructor)

You’ll Need: A partner, not necessarily of the opposite sex as well as a sense of adventure and fun
Commitment: At least 1 month of 1 lesson a week, preferably 8 lessons over 2 months to see benefits
Dates: start anytime, Dee will fit you in
Cost: R220 per person per month up front payment or R400 up front for the 2 months (cash payment is preferable)
Clothing: Comfortable casual wear – we’re not putting on a fashion parade
Shoes: Flat takkies or other non/low heeled comfortable shoe

Can you walk? Then you’re half way to dancing …

Fitness: Any fitness level can join. Dancing is one of the most fantastic exercise’s. The fitter & more physically active you already are the quicker you’ll pick things up.

We specialise in teaching people who seem to think they have two left feet and no sense of rhythm

To book you can call Dee on 082 561 0081
or make contact through the form below.

We also offer private lessons for individuals who can’t make these classes or who just prefer more individual attention.